Treasury for Professionals

Treasury for Professionals enables professionals (accountants, lawyers, labor consultants, etc …) to manage, in seamless integration, the early stages of the professional relationship with the potential client, from the first contact, to the signature of the power of attorney and credit management.
The fundamental principle of Treasury for Professionals is the financially correct management of the relationship between professional and client, ensuring transparency and fairness to and from both parties.
Treasury for Professionals, integrating with GDI Global Digital Identity, allows you to up or download personal data of the prospective client from a dedicated platform, safeguarding requirements such as standardization, validation, celerity and privacy.
The data thus acquired are used in the next step to determine the rating of the client, based on a cross-match with financial data base, and to fulfill the anti-laundering regulations.
Once the professional service to be performed has been verified from a legal perspective and from the financial risk point of view, Treasury for Professionals allows you to draw up a correct estimate budget, based on actual activity to be done, the resources to be devoted to consulting and the confrontation with professional rates.
When the customer accepts the estimate budget, Treasury for Professionals automatically generates the contract to be signed with all the clauses necessary to ensure a proper relationship between the professional and the client.
The contract also allows the management of the following and critical phases of money cash-in and unpaid invoices.
Treasury for Professionals allows you to safely handle the relationship with the customer, focusing your activities on the actual counseling activity, without worries about the credit and financial aspects.

Treasury for Professionals, the solution.

Co – Founders

Daniel Baridon


Riccardo Cappannelli

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