Rezdora is the first fresh pasta, fast food chain in the United States that serves quick and customisable authentic pasta in a welcoming format, where pasta being made is the main attraction, while caring about our community and, above all, at our impact on the environment. Thanks to our proprietary machine RES1, which is displayed on the store window in our pasta lab, we aim to become the best place one can have pasta, along with Michelin star restaurant and… yes, your Grandma. In our welcoming and warm format, the customer not only can get a high quality cooked pasta with either sauce or soup from the great Italian tradition, but he/she can get it fast and the way he/she wants it. In fact, one can select dough, the size, the cut, the kind of sauce/soup to match the pasta with and the best toppings available such as fresh grated imported cheese on top. No one is leading the way today for a healthy concept based on pasta. Rezdora will be the pioneer in serving authentic, accessible, great pasta. Your way.

Co – Founders

Alessandro Morani


Carmine Migliaro


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