Global Digital Identity

Global Digital Identity empowers companies and individuals to manage and safely share their digital id and personal data, with consent and control. Companies and individuals have a repository which is a consent-based data sharing platform where they can load and manage their own personal data with the support of professional consultants who validate and verify data. Data can also be provided by third-party applications, but validation and verification of professional consultants are also needed. Vendors, financial institutions, and other companies, can access the platform capturing customer consent to the use of their personal data according to common shared standard or protocol. When this gateway is open Global Digital Identity of companies and individuals allows consumers access on-demand services provided by connected vendors. How data is used, when it is used and by whom is managed is in line with Data Privacy Laws – including landmark General Data Protection Regulation. Global Digital Identity allows financial institutions and companies, especially service, to drastically accelerate time, reduce costs and business inefficiency of customers on-boarding and maintenance. At the same time, customers can access on-demand services saving money and time.

Co – Founders

Simone Curati



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