Be Cube Balance Score

The evaluation system called “Be Cube Balance Score” consists of 3 functions:
a)    “Base” rate historical financial statements;
b)    “Advance”: realizes prospective budgets and assesses data;
c)    “Predictive score”: of the entrepreneur depending on its sensitivity to finalize budgets and achieve expectations.
The use of Be Cube Balance Score allows you to add value, in terms of knowledge and planning. A key element is the presence of professionalism of a professional financial advisor (CFP Cofip) that, properly prepared and able to read and interpret data of reclassified financial statements, ratio analysis and for the same flow is able to highlight the problems and indicate to the contractor with the best solutions.
The reading of the budget is made investigating the financial strength of the company, its ability to create value and the ability to create positive and adequate financial flows.
The report prepared by the CFP standardized analysis tools on how to use the credit system, highlights the critical issues identified for each of the areas of analysis.
The report “Be Cube Balance Score” uses the same method of calculation used by the credit system. The CFP can then take specific advice, assuming the vision of credit operator, allowing it to interact with the entrepreneur to achieve the following goals:
a)    help the entrepreneur understand the logic of an assessment of the risk perceived through reading data;
b)    help the entrepreneur understand the real sustainability of its business model;
c)    help the entrepreneur to define reasonable paths in terms of revision of business model or adopt management control systems can allow the entrepreneur to take rapid remedial action and, ultimately, allow the reading of the risk perceived by the operator in a more timely, less the financial component of “lack of knowledge”.
The “Prediction Score” is a classification of the entrepreneur that will can be given with the increase of the elements contained in the database of BCF.
Expresses the ability of the entrepreneur to plan ahead and be able to achieve what is planned.

Co – Founders

Lorenzo Veroli

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