Month: September 2016

Key Performance Metrics for Retail and Restaurants

10Though some restaurant owners ignore the importance of having a good data for the smooth running of their businesses, it doesn’t change the major role a proper data plays and the consequences of having an irregular data in their business.

However there is always a solution for every challenge, with BlueCart your data will be easier to find and you wouldn’t need to deal with confusing excel spreadsheets.  BlueCarts makes your life easier by doing all your calculations and transforming your data into an understandable and easy graphs that will help you get updated without getting lost reading reports of your fast-food or restaurant.

When it come to retailing, which covers a major part of business that involves clothing the store, outlets for cell phone, sporting goods and so on, there are some key metrics for such  businesses such as;

  • The increase in sales over the years, involves comparing months and years for proper analysis.
  • The gross margin, also shows the premium amount  in price, which you would get from customers along with how cheap you can purchase the same goods
  • Then the inventory turnover, tells you how quick you’re selling and calculates it as your total sales for the year, which is divided by the average inventory
  • The amount of consistent customers, shows you that the customers like the goods they buy from you and are coming back to get more of that good from your business.

With the increased number of businesses that fall in the category of fast-food/restaurants in the US, its crucial to know the key metrics guiding this business such as the food cost, labor cost, weekly sales, average order per customer and lastly employee turnover,

At BlueCart no matter you business category, we help you effectively utilize key metrics to make your restaurant more efficient and profitable.

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