The Art of Picking Winners: How to Choose Which Startups to invest in

The art of figuring out if a business will be successful and worth investing is not an easy task, coupled with the massive amount of stagnant startups out there. Though there are lots of new businesses out there with little or no green-light regarding future success or profitability, there are still some ways you can pick a wining business and choose a startup to invest in without regrets.

Below are 4 major tips on how to choose which startups to invest in…

  • Examine the business idea; is it unique or potential money making idea? Are there competitors? What is the business’s advantage over other businesses in the same line? Also how can the business standout? Once you’ve answers these questions, you can tell whether to invest or not.
  • Find out if it’s a good business and can it potentially generate long term returns on capital. From your experiences , research and findings, you should know the status of the business you want to invest into, which is important in making such a risky decision
  • While analyzing the new business, ask yourself if it’s something you can help build up effectively that will yield a positive result on the long run. If you survey the business and see it as something you can’t work with, it’s best to desist from investing in it.
  • Also consider the ability of the business to produce major returns against the running cost of the business. You need to see the past records of the business in terms of growth and profitability. The key to any successful business is its ability to make profit.

Investing in a new business is a big deal; hence you need to make sure you do your homework in terms of proper research and investigation before putting a penny into that business.

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